Update - June 4, 2021

Camp On! Summer is here and camps have started! Staff training weeks have come to an end and campers have started to arrive at some of our camp locations. We could not be more excited and thankful for the Lord’s provision in seeing us to this day.

We made a very comprehensive update to the guide on May 24th in response to the CDC issuing new recommendations earlier in May. In addition to that recent update, we have provided a small update for the June 4th guide release. The primary update for this month is clarifying criteria for quarantining if an unvaccinated person is exposed to COVID-19, but has antibodies and is asymptomatic. More information is provided in the guide on page five.



For easy reference we have left the information and FAQs from the May 24th update below.

Update - May 24, 2021

For many months, we’ve been celebrating “Camp On” as we’ve all been working together to make camp happen. By God’s grace, we will host our first churches in two days! We continue to feel the anticipation building, and we’re reminded daily that thousands of kids will experience Jesus in a new way at camp this summer. We’re excited and hope you are too!

Part of our planning and preparation for camp includes the willingness to be flexible and adapt quickly. In light of the announcements made in mid-May by the CDC (5/13/21), our COVID Task Force and other leaders have spent the last several days trying to determine how we can adjust our COVID guidelines, while also keeping staff and participants healthy and safe. We are thankful and hopeful as cases continue to decline and many parts of the country continue to open up.

We are excited to announce our new policy on face coverings. Moving forward, we will follow local guidelines and specific venue requirements. If not required locally, then Student Life Kids Camp will not require participants to wear face coverings at camp.

  • Indoors, CDC-approved face coverings will be recommended for all participants and required for staff when social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Outdoors, masks are not required unless mandated by local guidelines



How do we find what the local policies are for our camp?

We’ve created this document with all our camp locations listed for easy reference. You can easily find your location and then view the links or notes explaining current guidelines for that local area and camp host location (i.e. university, conference center, etc.).

What if some in our group are vaccinated?

No masks are required whether indoors or outdoors, however, we recommend face coverings indoors when social distancing cannot be maintained. Because a majority of our participants are minors, most will not have the opportunity to be fully vaccinated by the time camp begins. We do ask all participants to be mindful and respectful of this in their interactions with one another and diligently monitor campers for COVID symptoms.

What are the requirements if we are serving on mission sites?

At minimum, we will abide by our camp COVID guidelines, but if the ministry partner has additional requirements, those will supersede ours. If we want to partner and serve them well, we need to honor their requirements. Many ministry sites serve higher risk populations (like the elderly), so we want to keep them healthy and their risk of exposure low. These ministries have invited us to partner with them, and we want to be able to serve with them long term.

Are the health screenings still required?

Yes, prevention is the preferred strategy, so we will still require the 2021 Student Life Kids Camp Health Questionnaire, as well as, daily symptom-checking, but we will no longer require the daily temperature checks.

If we haven’t expressed it enough, thank you. Although it has been a long and bumpy road to get to this moment, it truly is an honor to serve you this summer. A spirit of unity and a willingness to look after the health and safety of our brothers and sisters in Christ is what will allow for us to reach our shared goal of seeing a successful summer of camp happen. We can’t wait to be together! Just a few more days!


This plan is subject to change as guidelines and recommendations are continually changing. We promise to do our best to communicate updates to our guide in a timely manner.